7 Keys to Loving All That Is

Autor: Dawn James

Narrador: Dawn James

Duración: 0h 36m


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In 7 Keys to Loving All That Is, Dawns message will inspire you to start each day knowing you can choose to touch the world gently with loving words, see the world with loving eyes and feel the world with a loving heart.

Dawn presents the 7 keys through a series of personal stories and different life situations, all the while showing you how to embrace life from a place of love and loving all that is- the good, the bad and the unexpected.

Since her spiritual awakening in 2003, Dawn James has dedicated her life to teaching people how to live more consciously with grace and ease, and to remember that at the very core of our being- we are loved and we are love. She is an international speaker and the author of several books on conscious living.

We are each responsible for creating our own happiness, regardless of outer circumstances. We can start being happy by loving our life exactly as it is right now. Dawn James. Learn more at www.dawnjames.ca


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