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8 Hour Sleep Cycle Meditation

Autor: Joel Thielke

Narrador: Joel Thielke

Duración: 1h 0m


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Get rid of unhealthy habits and create a mindset for weight loss and motivation while you sleep. Boost your confidence and weight loss potential at the same time.

Powerful benefits of this Sleep Learning program include: - Natural weight loss - Faster weight loss - Exercise and fitness motivation and focus - Boosted confidence and self-esteem - Reduced stress and anxiety - Deep, restful sleep through the night - More natural energy throughout your day - Wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated and energized

Just start listening to this 8 hour program when you're ready for bed, and get comfortable to fall asleep. In the first two hours, you'll drift off to sleep with our Alpha Theta Deep Sleep Induction, which will relax your body and mind and prepare for rejuvenating REM sleep.

Then approximately two hours into your program when your REM cycle starts, the Weight Loss boosting track will gently play, helping to stimulate natural weight loss and boost your metabolism. Your subconscious will get rid of negative and self-defeating thoughts and create empowering beliefs and confidence for weight loss and self-esteem.

The next 4 hours of the program contain subconscious deepening and anchoring points that work with your brain waves to keep you deeply relaxed, and help to naturally boost your metabolism and get in the mindset for natural, safe weight loss.

When you wake in the morning, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on your day. We recommend listening to this program for 21 nights in a row.


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