Body of Love

Autor: Heather Picken

Narrador: Heather Picken

Duración: 4h 21m


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Body of Love 57 Secrets in Creating Your Ideal Body Using The Law of Attraction shows you how to harmonize with your body and soul in creating your ideal body.

This book teaches you powerful strategies to use your mind so that your body will follow.

Once you apply these techniques you will go beyond the traditional diet and exercise protocol. These proven strategies can also help you to empower other areas of your life too.

Transform your negative emotions about your body Breakthrough the barriers that have been keeping your weight stuck Program your mind to be thin Discover how you can attract your ideal body weight without spending hours in the gym Learn how to use your intuition in guiding you to your healthy eating without investing lots of money on fad diets Stop self-sabotaging behaviors Release excess weight without harmful dieting Learn a technique that is more powerful than visualization in attracting your ideal body


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