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Fast Safe Natural Weight Loss

Autor: Phillip Osmond Clark

Narrador: Phillip Osmond Clark

Duración: 2h 7m


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Fast,Safe,Natural Weight Loss. That's what all those programs, regimes and supplements promise, isn't it? But how many of them every make good on some, let alone all of those promises? You know the answer, all too well. Do you not?

Losing weight, like being in love, is something virtually everyone wants to do.Even if it's just to be able to get into those favorite clothes of 10 years ago. That are now..a little bit tight.

In his previous books, the celebrated British nutritionist, Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark shared his knowledge and techniques to guide you to a healthier, happier and slimmer you.

Now, in this book, he drills down to the essentials your mind and body must have to ensure fast,safe,and natural weight loss.


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