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Autor: Jacek Licznerski

Narrador: Jim Rush

Duración: 2h 12m


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In his book, “My Books Fitness”, Jacek Licznerski enthusiastically encourages readers to find their own unique way of healthy living by sharing his own ideas and methods of ways to stay fit, physically, mentally and spiritually. He also suggests spicing up life experiences with a bit of light-heartedness and humour, while emphasizing and sharing invaluable knowledge and wisdom acquired from a multitude of books.

This book addresses the big and small questions that arise on the journey of life. Whether serious or silly, these questions basically concern the individual and accumulative effects of all the little things that you do every day. Every thought we have, every moment we make and every action we take create new building blocks in our lives. These tiny blocks amount to large pieces that affect day-to-day decisions and, ultimately, our future.

If you apply what is recommended in this book (and the word apply is an absolute must here), not only will you find knowledge, your inner peace, and happiness, you will also learn how to benefit from the synergy of habits of consistent inspiration, physical activity, and super-healthy eating. Once you have recognized and achieved this, even something like the common cold, will not be common for you anymore.

It is a joyous, valuable read that will inspire you to be in charge of your life, help you fulfill your unique needs and desires, and provide fuel for your imagination and creativity. Jacek is an educator, a dedicated healthcare professional and a passionate advocate of healthy living. He absolutely loves music, traveling, cooking with superfoods, and, most importantly, learning from and about other people, all the time! ​ Currently living in Calgary (Western Canada), Jacek’s European background, along with his personal nature and professional experience (acquired on two continents), nurtures and drives his curiosity towards the natural world, the human body, consciousness, human relations and the evolution of the mind.


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