Autor: Enrique Laso

Narrador: Daniel Francis

Duración: 10h 2m


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A SUPERB CRIME NOVEL. GRIPPING FROM START TO FINISH. 'And so proceeds Enrique's THE BLUE CRIMES and the manner in which he places Ethan Bush and team in the resolution of crime is tense, suspenseful, and at all times involving. This is quality mystery writing by a voice new to most of us - a welcome addition to the thriller genre' Grady Harp, TOP-100 Reviewer/ Hall of Fame/ Vine Voice

Two bodies found in a lagoon. A promising FBI special agent. A crime that occurred almost twenty years ago. A convoluted mystery novel that grabs you. If you enjoyed novels like 'The Silence of the Lambs' or TV series as 'Twin Peaks' or 'True Detective'... this is the story that you have been waiting for. FROM CHAPTER I By the time they called me, a whole week had passed since the second body had been discovered. This was a setback as much of the evidence would have disappeared by now and I'd have to work with what little evidence the local police, unaccustomed to these types of crimes, would have been able to collect. Luckily I had been allocated a competent enough CSI unit and as we flew from Washington to Kansas City International Airport, we imagined, quite rightly as it turned out, that the crime scene will have been spoiled by dozens of well-meaning but clumsy Deputies. Liz, who I already knew professionally from the only case that I'd worked on up to then, handed me a folder containing photos; the cyanotic bodies of two naked girls, abandoned in a lagoon, like the unimportant remnants of a quiet morning picnic. I was staring into the open eyes of one of the young girls, who could not have been more than twenty years old, when I was struck by her plea: "You must find who did this to me."


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