The Ghost of Emily

Autor: James Fox Higgins

Narrador: James Fox Higgins

Duración: 13h 10m


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War and plague have left millions dead.

In the midst of the carnage something awoke, and the wars all over the world stopped. Suddenly. Silently.

Since then, people have been disappearing.

Jake Thorne is a survivor. A nomad. A father.

Hunting in forests of the land once called Australia, every day is a struggle. For food. For safety. To protect the ones he loves: his children Gus and Maisie. Death surrounds them in the lonely wilderness of a world with few humans left.

The greatest threat comes in the night, glowing and artificial, in the shape of their dearest departed.

It comes offering immortality.

Where have all the humans gone?

Doctor Marcus Hamlin knows.

Can Jake protect his children from the terrifying spectre that haunts them?

Find out in this epic debut sci-fi thriller - the first in The Ghosts of Men trilogy, by James Fox Higgins.


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