The Knowledge

Autor: Lee Isserow

Narrador: Lee Isserow

Duración: 8h 52m


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Knowledge is a destructive force in the hands of those not intended to wield it. . .

The world is dreaming. Dreaming of things that would be impossible whilst they were awake. Until now.

Something is brewing in the minds of the mundane populous. Those that could not command magick are finding themselves able to do unimaginable things.

And there is intent behind this new understanding, intent from a vast and powerful being, that has designs on the world of man. The more minds it reaches, the more powerful it gets. And soon, it will come for us, for our world, and only The Circle stands in its way.

But even The Circle's combined might pales in comparison to the untold power of a creature that in no uncertain terms. . . is a god.


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