The Muesli Bar

Autor: Aniket Tapre

Narrador: Dalan Decker

Duración: 0h 56m


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The Muesli Bar: Idea to Execution a Bite at a Time Steering clear of advice column ‘shoulds’ and preachy ‘ everyone musts’, The Muesli Bar is an engaging piece of writing, fit for overwhelmed minds of young entrepreneurs. It is a peek into the life of businessman, a quick look at the author’s personal experiences, and a long hard look at perspectives and attitudes that chase happiness and fulfilment instead of the illusion of success. The Muesli bar is a monologue one read short of turning into a dialogue with enthusiastic beginners, and forever fervent creators. Infused with humour, both dry and brittle, the book is an energy bar consisting of encouraging analogies, hard facts, and the bitter truth wrapped in a good laugh. It walks the reader through the first milestones of business while snacking on food for thought. It is an honest conversation rooted in the author’s philosophy; ‘This is my way. Take a look; it might help you find your own !


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