Wealth Building Secrets from the Bible

Autor: Jonathan Geraci

Narrador: Al Kessel

Duración: 2h 24m


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Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of paying bills, drowning in debt, and not being able to get ahead?

As a believer, have you been wondering how to build wealth?

Are you searching for God’s way to achieve financial independence?

As a pastor for both small and large churches, Jonathan Geraci has discovered that many believers’ struggles come down to how they relate to money. In this book you will discover a Biblical holistic view on wealth that may surprise you. You will learn how modern financial advisors and the ancient words of scripture agree.

These simple and engaging strategies will teach you Biblical habits for building wealth.

In this book you will discover • how to apply the fruits of the Spirit into your financial life. • learn the emotional and spiritual consequences of debt and how to escape! • 5 money myths that many Christians fall into. • 4 secrets from the Bible for building wealth. • discover how to practice “outrageous” generosity.

You can turn around your financial life by learning financial habits that are found in scripture.

What’s stopping you from applying the Bible to every aspect of your life -- including your finances?


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